Ski & Board Aids

If you’re keen on snow sports then you’ll be interested in ski-walker and board-walker 

Two products that have been designed with the skier and the snowboarder in mind.

Simple, light and easy to use, both ski-walker and board-walker take the hassle out of carrying your skis or snowboard.

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Picture of Boardwalker


Board-Walker is a strap that attaches to the front binding by means of an orange ‘click-on’ whistle buckle, offering a rescue/emergency function. It then attaches around the front leg by another adjustable buckle, to become a leash.

When ‘unbuckled’, Board-Walker offers a loop handle which is long enough to become a lead, so that the snowboard can be pulled over the snow. When ready to carry the snowboard, the strap can then be clipped onto the back binding to become a carry strap for the shoulder.

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