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 Crazy Ears - Dog Dalmatian

Crazy Ears - Dog Dalmatian

Crazy Ears - Dalmatian Are you bored with your old helmet but do not want to buy a new one! Are you looking for something to jazz up your look or a new way to express your personality? Or do you want to make it fun to wear? Crazy Ears helmet accessories will convert your ordinary safety helmet into something unique, eye-catching, fun & funky. Safe and secure: the special VELCRO system guarantees safe grip on all surfaces. £14.99 incl tax VELCRO FASTENERS
Hoxyheads Spotty Cat

Hoxyheads Spotty Cat

Complete your ski outfit with a Hoxyheads ski helmet cover! - The spotted cat has big sweet eyes, a soft coat of plush in the colors pink and light blue and the inside of the ears are covered by the shiny material. With this ski helmet cover on, you really look cute and cuddly in the snow! Wearing a Hoxyheads ski helmet cover is fun and it encourages children to wear a ski helmet. It is easier for parents to recognize their child (ren) on the slopes. The cover is easy to adjust, making the cover fits almost every ski helmet!
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